Thursday, March 8

12.30Pm to 3.30PM (3 hour class)

Don’t miss this exciting resin class! Join Nadine Sharpe and learn the art of making resin jewellery.  This workshop will focus on casting resin jewellery in pre-made one-part moulds.  Learn the art of resin casting using fast curing resin, choosing from and extensive range of Own Sweet Time’s silicone moulds to cast two bangles and two rings.  Basic casting techniques will be covered in the first half of the class with more creative techniques such as marbling and inserting glitter dust in the second part of the class, within the limitations of fast curing resin. 


Hand sanding and finishing techniques are covered, giving students the ability to beautifully finish their pieces.  Notes will also be provided covering all aspects of the workshop.


Workshop Includes: Everything you will need to make 2 bracelets and 2 rings that you can take home and wear.  Plus, take away new skills!

Skill Level: All levels

Students Bring: Your creative vibes!

Class Cost: $110*

*Show entry ticket must be purchased separately














Nadine Sharpe is the creator and wearer of contemporary polymer clay, resin and rope jewellery from Sydney’s Inner West.  

After spending over 20 years working in the corporate environment, in HR and Training, I reached a point where I couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling that corporate life just wasn’t for me and that I needed to do something creative.  I decided it was time to break out and do something that I was passionate about and that gave me joy.

I have always loved big, statement jewellery.  There is nothing that dresses up a simple outfit more than a beautiful necklace.  I had amassed a huge collection of other people’s designs over the years, but I had so many of my own ideas that it was a natural thing for me to start making my own.  

I use a range of mediums, such as resin, polymer clay and rope and it’s hard to say which I like the most.  I love working with resin, the experimentation, and the fact that every piece you create is unique. You can do so much with resin, it is a very simple process to learn, and creating something completely from scratch is easily achievable.

I am lucky to have had the opportunity to combine my corporate training experience with my passion for creating jewellery through running a number of different workshops in collaboration with some great creative spaces in Sydney.  I am a qualified trainer, holding a Cert IV in Training and Assessment.  I really enjoy this aspect of my work; being able to show someone just how simple resin jewellery making can be, and seeing how each person’s individuality shines through the pieces they create.

It is always a challenge bringing an idea to life.  There is the financial cost, the tools and equipment you need, the work space and so on.  But one of the biggest things is having the confidence to believe in yourself and to take the risk of putting your product out there for everyone to see.  I have had some great support, which has helped me take that step, and I am so grateful for it.  I now believe in myself and know that I have made the right decision.

So now I am a wearer and creator of beautiful jewellery.  I sell my jewellery now at several art & design markets, online and through a number of retailers in Sydney’s Inner West.  In taking the risk to focus on personal fulfillment was huge risk, but I now know that anything is possible and that it is only myself that can hold me back.  And I’ll be having none of that thank you very much!