Important Dates & Times at a glance

Compulsory Forms due by Friday, January 11, 2019

  • Staff Badges
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Emergency Contact
  • Company Sign Details
  • Additional Electrical, Lighting & Walling Order Form


Safety Vests & Enclosed Footwear

All parties working within the venue (halls and loading dock) during the move in and move out of the event are required to wear a ‘safety vest’ and enclosed shoes at all times. Any contractor, subcontractor or exhibitor who is not wearing a safety vest will not be permitted entry.

NO CHILDREN under the age of 15 are allowed onsite during the move in and move out period.
Please ensure that if you are required to visit your stand for a rehearsal or inspection any time during move in and move out that you are wearing a safety vest and enclosed footwear (no open-toe shoes). During these periods both forklifts and vehicles will be operating within the halls and, therefore, it is considered a construction site.

Safety Vests can be purchased onsite for $10.00.


Exhibition Regulations

Expertise Events Pty Limited takes Work Health & Safety guidelines very seriously. The following guidelines should be adhered to and followed.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Event Coordinator Heather Ward should you have any questions.

  1. Taking reasonable care concerning the health and safety of others at the place of work.
  2. Co-operating with the Organiser/contractor/venue operator in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.
  3. Reporting potential and actual health and safety hazards to supervisor/contractor/organiser.
  4. Adequate protective footwear, that completely covers the feet, shall be worn at all times whilst on site. Thongs and similar unsafe footwear are prohibited.
  5. Ladders and access platforms must be used where necessary.
  6. Any children under the age of 15 years are not permitted on site during move in/out of the Exhibition.
  7. Work workplace and safety standards are met at all times.
  8. All exhibitors, their staff and independent contractors must be aware of and agree to the Work Health and Safety (WH&S) requirements as per this document.
  9. We ask and expect employees/subcontractors to be punctual. Running, horseplay and disorderly conduct are strictly prohibited.
  10. All electrical work carried out shall be in accordance with industry standards and conducted by licensed operators and all leads should be tagged and tested.
  11. Employees/subcontractors shall report immediately any accidents witnessed by he/she to the supervisor/contractor and/or Security/Organiser.
  12. The subcontractor is required to be accountable and responsible for currently maintaining public liability, workers compensation policies and hold a WH&S document.
  13. Obedience to any rules and regulations stipulated by the venue in which you work.
  14. All persons requiring first-aid treatment are to contact the Helpdesk or Security, who are Senior First Aid trained, and will render treatments and complete register in Injuries log book.
  15. Fork Lift Trucks – only authorised employees holding a current Certificate of Competence/License or who hold a Learner Permit issued by the relevant state authority are permitted to operate fork lift trucks.
  16. Regular Safety inspections will be carried out to ensure procedures are followed.
  17. The consumption of drugs and alcohol on venue premises or sites are prohibited during work hours. Any employees/sub contractor found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave immediately.
  18. Working areas must be kept clean and tidy from rubbish and other hazards. Rubbish must be cleaned up promptly.
  19. All exhibitors and associated workers MUST wear safety vests.


Custom Stand Building

All stands must conform to the requirements of the venue, the Theatres and Public Halls Section of the Department of Local Government and Building Code of Australia. Exhibitors with Space-only stands are responsible for the observance of all statutory regulations and are liable for any monetary penalty should such be incurred for non-compliance of any description.

Expertise Events may, from time to time, add to the foregoing Rules and Regulations and undertake anything at their sole discretion deemed desirable for the proper conduct of the event.

You will be required to complete a Custom Stand Design form which will be sent to you prior to the event.



Exhibitors may not canvass or distribute promotional material other than within their exhibition stand.

Exhibitors must conduct all transactions during the event from within their stand parameter. Cash registers must be located within the stand and neither staff nor the customer is to be standing in the aisles. Canvassing in the aisles is not permitted.



Exhibitors wishing to conduct a competition of lottery can do so if the appropriate approval is gained from the relevant State Authorities and Expertise Events. You may need to gain a permit from the Minor Gaming Unit, depending on the value of the prize you are giving away.



Expertise Events strongly supports the protection of intellectual property rights and copyright law. As such, unauthorized photography at this event is prohibited.



  • Naked flames are not permitted.
  • No combustible materials are to be used in stand and display items.
  • Fire Extinguishers must be made clearly accessible at all times.

The installation of any fuel burning appliances with liquid or solid fuel shall conform to the Uniform Building Regulations. The use of pyrotechnics or flammable gas is prohibited unless approved in writing by venue. Please contact the venue’s Event Manager for more details. The storage of any flammable liquid or fuels within the exhibition area is not permitted. Motor vehicles or other mechanical appliances displayed within the exhibition areas shall have a full tank of fuel and their batteries must be disconnected, a fire extinguisher must also be on hand.

Fire extinguishers and firefighting equipment must at all times be visible and accessible and must not be removed from their designated location. Fire alarms, fire exit doors and fire hydrants must remain readily accessible at all times. Under no circumstances are fire exits to be closed off, screened or obstructed in any way. Any permanent or temporary obstruction to these areas is a breach of the venue fire regulations. In the event of a fire or evacuation, follow event and venue staff to the assembly area and check all staff are present. If a member of your staff is missing, advise security immediately. Doors will be closed by security when the hall is empty and an announcement will be made when it is safe to return.

No electrical lights, including fluorescent lighting, are to be positioned above easily combustible articles.
Any material used for stand construction or display purposes must conform to the Building Code of Australia.






Power Tools
Ensure proper handling and maintenance.
Only authorised and competent persons shall be permitted to operate power tools.
Electrical tools shall be isolated from the source of supply when changing attachments or making minor adjustments.
All portable electrically operated tools shall be tested and inspected.

Any vehicles operated in the exhibition must be operated by a licensed operator.
The movement of any vehicles inside the venue during the show days must be approved by Expertise Events.



Microphones, sound amplification, machine demonstrations and videos will be permitted where the level of sound causes no annoyance to neighbouring exhibitors or visitors. Expertise Events reserves the right to enforce sound level restrictions on your exhibit if noise becomes an annoyance to a neighbouring exhibitor. Expertise Events shall be the sole judges as to whether there is any annoyance factor with such items.


Work Health & Safety

Work Health & Safety (WH&S) is an extremely important issue that needs to be taken into account by all exhibitors and their display contractors. NB: Most rules are set by the State Government. Expertise Events and the venue are merely overseeing the compliancy of them.

All exhibition sites during the move in and move out period have a large number of contractors on the site and we have a duty of care to ensure that correct practices are being used and WH&S policies adhered to.

WH&S information needs to be read by and clearly understood by all employees, contractors and subcontractors under your employment during this exhibition. Failure to comply with these directives will mean a prevention of work on the stand until such forms are produced and guidelines adhered to.

The event has 3 distinct phases. During the move in and move out phase, the event will be classed as a construction site and all regulations in accordance must be followed. During the hours of public access, the show is classed as a workplace.

Exhibitors and Stand Contractors will need to be familiar with the below “Safety Guidelines” in addition to the General Rules & Regulations as stated in this document. All Exhibitors & Stand Contractors are responsible for identifying hazards and managing the risk associated with their own staff and subcontractors.



Please ensure that all incidents are reported immediately to Expertise Events or the venue via the Helpdesk.

In the interests of both yourself and visitors safety, the following guidelines should be adhered to during the move in, open days and move out periods of the exhibition.


  • All exhibitors, subcontractors and other persons working within the confines of the exhibition including the loading dock, must abide by the provisions of the Workplace Health and Safety Act, its regulations and all relevant compliance and Advisory Standards. Persons responsible for each stand must ensure that any persons contracted by the exhibitor also comply with this Act.
  • All exhibitors and exhibit assembly or construction must comply with all Local, State and Federal Statutory regulations, including the Building Code of Australia and all current Australian standards.
  • Under no circumstances should any exhibitor, contractor or other person block or impede any of the following: aisle ways, roadways, doors, stairs and emergency exits, fire hose reels or fire extinguisher access, fire detection system or sanitary accommodation.
  • Persons operating equipment during an exhibition must be the current holder of the relevant certificate or license as required by law to operate such equipment.
  • Machinery, equipment or substances likely to jeopardise the health or safety of any person are prohibited. All machinery should be fitted with guarding, fencing, locks, immobilisation etc. Note: Signs alone are not acceptable as a protective method.
  • All materials, fittings and furnishings used in exhibitions must be approved by the relevant regulatory authority (where applicable) for use in a public building (Building Code of Australia classification 9B).
  • The use of naked flame, pyrotechnics or flammable gas is prohibited unless approved in writing by the venue.
  • Any accident, injury or dangerous occurrence must be reported to the Helpdesk or Security as soon as possible.


Uniformed security guards will be on duty during bump in, exhibition days and bump out. Whilst every precaution is taken, Expertise Events nor the venue cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to persons or property at the exhibition, from any cause whatsoever. Exhibitors should ensure adequate insurance coverage against the loss, theft or damage of all products brought to the exhibition; this includes during transportation to and from the event.

It is unfortunate that while Expertise Events takes precautions, such as having security personnel, thefts still occur. As an exhibitor there are precautions you can take to reduce the risk of theft from your stand whether it be stock/display materials, cash takings or personal belongings.

  • Try to avoid bringing valuable personal items with you while working at the exhibition (including cash), if possible carry any personal items on yourself at all times.
  • When designing or laying out your stand take into consideration security issues: Is there somewhere for staff to secure their personal belongings? If you will be making cash sales at public exhibitions have you incorporated a cash tin / register and is this in a location where it is not easily accessed?
  • If you have a cash tin/register on your stand do not leave it unlocked / open.
  • Easily portable items of value which form part of your display should be secured to your stand so that they are not easily removed.
  • When organising staff for your stand ensure that there will always be someone present at your stand during exhibition hours, remember to allow for meal and toilet breaks.
  • If you notice someone or something suspicious contact either the Helpdesk or Security immediately, this will allow security to act before a theft occurs or someone else becomes a victim.
  • Consider using a money pouch carried on the hip if you are making cash sales, by having your cash close to your body it makes it difficult for a thief to access. When purchasing, take into account comfort and the design, some pouches are more businesslike than others.

Be conscious of individuals asking unusual questions. Do not let them distract you and position yourself in a way so that your back is never turned to where your cash is being stored.


Venue Policies

No animals or pets, with the exception of seeing-eye dogs and hearing dogs, are permitted in the venue, except as an approved exhibit, or as part of an activity or performance legitimately requiring the use of animals. In these cases, written approval is required from the venue, and such approved animals or pets must be on a leash, or in an enclosed pen and under control at all times. The owner must take full responsibility for the animal(s).

Helium balloons are not permitted at this venue.

Nothing is allowed to be taped, tacked, stapled or otherwise affixed to any surface of the venue. If signs etc need to be hung or displayed the venue can advise on fixing arrangements. Absolutely no core-drilling or fixing into the floor is allowed.

Floor loadings
Contact the venue for floor loadings (refer Preferred Suppliers section for details).

No Smoking Policy
The venue maintains a “No Smoking” policy in all Exhibition Halls and foyers. For those wishing to smoke they must exit the venue. We would further encourage Contractors and Exhibitors to refrain from smoking in view of clients and guests and to use outdoor areas if required at the front of the venue. Refer to dedicated areas nominated within the Loading Dock for smoking.

Food & Beverage:
The venue has sole rights for the sale and distribution of any article of food, drink or tobacco.

  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure they have investigated all compliant issue’s, register for any appropriate licenses or permits and are accountable for aspects concerning their display and participation and trading at the exhibition.
  • No Exhibitor or person shall distribute or give away any item of food, drink or tobacco, not supplied by the venue, to members of the public or trade exhibition visitors without the express written consent of the venue.
  • Generally, the venue will have no objection to the provision by exhibitors of food stuffs provided as a means of demonstrating any plant or equipment forming part of the exhibition, or the product manufactured or supplied by the exhibitor. However, the sale of all such products will not be permitted.
  • Any exhibitor wishing to serve alcohol as ‘on stand’ hospitality must enter an “agency agreement” with the venue to ensure the Liquor Act is not contravened. Contact the venue.
  • Absolutely no alcoholic beverage sales are to be made on the premises. Exhibitors who are sampling alcoholic beverages, which form part of their product range, should use order forms to arrange post exhibition sales.
  • The venue reserves the right to remove any food and beverage not authorised in the halls.
  • If you are sampling food & beverage as part of your display please contact Expertise Events for guidelines and state approval regulations.

    Responsible Service of Alcohol:
    Liquor sampling: RSA certification will be required for any person serving or supplying liquor at events where sampling is conducted (eg: exhibition stands in wine and food shows, promotional tastings, etc). Copies of RSA certificates must be supplied to the venue prior to the commencement of the event.

    On-stand hospitality: For ‘on-stand hospitality’ (eg: where the venue provides alcohol for exhibitors to entertain delegates, clients and other customers). It is now mandatory that all liquor supplied to Exhibition Stands is served by venue staff with RSA certification. This is a user-pay service with provision of RSA certified labour fully rechargeable.

    Organiser hospitality: For ‘hospitality’ (eg: where organisers are provided alcohol by the venue for on-supplying delegates, clients, and other customers for hospitality and entertainment purposes). It is now mandatory that organisers serving and supplying alcohol are RSA certified. Organisers are to provide the the venue with copies of RSA certificates for all persons serving or supplying alcohol in organisers’ offices prior to the commencement of the event.

    Entertainers / performers: For ‘entertainers / performers’ (eg: where the venue provides alcohol to entertainers / performers for consumption within dressing rooms, etc.). It is now mandatory that all liquor supplied is served by venue staff with RSA certification. This is a user-pay service with provision of RSA certified labour fully rechargeable.

    Alcohol & Other Substances
    Expertise Events and the venue will prohibit access to the venue or participation in the event by a Contractor, Exhibitor or Visitor who is adversely affected by drugs or alcohol.
    Alcohol may be consumed by exhibitors and visitors within a designated area on a stand during open days of the show. Alternatively within the venue’s licensed areas (cafes) during show days only.
    Alcohol must not be consumed by contractors within the venue during the move in or move out period.