Cosplay is the trend of costume play and it’s a popular activity with film, book or video fans who enjoy dressing up as their favourite characters. Many cosplayers make their own costumes and their work is often intricate and always inspiring. There will be a display of handmade costumes at the show.

Find inspiration from Emma and Thomas’ amazing handmade cosplay costume display and live daily demonstrations. They will be happy to have a chat to you about everything cosplay and how you can get started on making your own costume pieces for your next big day or night out!

Engage with Thomas from That Guy From That Game!

Thomas has been in the cosplay scene for the past five years. During that time, certain characters have inspired him to make his own costumes and accessories. He is self-taught and was so inspired by making costumes he would strip the leather off couches when he first started. Thomas works mainly with leather and linen to make his love for high fantasy style costumes with gritty presentation come to life! See Thomas making leather belts and pouches using simple handcraft.

Meet Emma from Interlace

Emma learnt to sew at three years of age and could use a sewing machine at seven. She made her first costume in 2013, Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.

Emma will be sewing costumes live at the show and she can answer any questions you have!

What a cosplay display!