The Craft for Kids Foundation was established in 2015 for the collection and distribution of craft supplies to disadvantaged Australian children. Since then our visitors have donated half a ton of supplies which we have passed on to charities, to support children who are disadvantaged financially, physically, emotionally or geographically.

“{Your} donation has been allocated to two of our primary schools Learning Clubs and this enabled us to continue with our work in the community.”
The Smith Family

“It is a very exciting prospect being able to have your support in such a multitude of ways to help us with the Variety Christmas party, and throughout the year with activities at special schools.”
Variety Club Christmas party committee

We really appreciate your support. Bring your unwanted craft supplies to our next event! Craft items you can donate include yarn, fabric, paper, lace, braid,
craft tools, glue and embellishments. Please understand that we cannot accept money, unfinished projects, knitting needles, crochet hooks or pattern books.