Borders & Bridges was the theme of the 2018 AQC Challenge. Here are the finalists.

The AQC Challenge is held each year and judged at the Australasian Quilt Convention.right-img-aqc
This year, the challenge attracted entries from around Australia, and New Zealand, Taiwan and South Africa. $5,500 in three cash prizes will be awarded in this prestigious competition, which is presented by Expertise Events.

Congratulations to the winner of the Borders & Bridges AQC Challenge, Sue de Vanny with Bordering Extinction!  And a special mention to the runner up Jeannie Henry with Bethanga – Where Bridge Meets Border. Judge’s Choice Certificates to: Neroli Henderson with The World Awaits #TimesUp, Marie Mitchell with Bridge to Extinction, Di Tramontana with Looking For The Edge

Is this Paradise?

West Meets East

Love bridges all borders

Dragon Magic

Bridge to Extinction

Echuca Moama Road Rail Bridge & Fruit Fly Border

Bordering Extinction

Looking For The Edge

Marriage equality 2017

Bridging the Borders

A Hidden Reality


The World Awaits #TimesUp

Malala’s Metaphorical Bridge

“X Marks the Spot”


Bridges Through My Imagination

Border Town


Mangrove Nursery

My Garden Plan

Bethanga – Where Bridge Meets Border


The Districts of Venice


Rainbow Bridge

Sunset in Gaomi wetlands