Cosplay, costume design and crafting is a growing interest amongst many Australians with multiple events throughout the year in major cities, cosplaying’s popularity is continually growing. In this community, creativity and making your own pieces is a highly appreciated aspect.

Thomas Taufan has been a part of the cosplay scene for five years and throughout this time the characters that inspired him to make his own costumes also inspired him to learn new skills and become particularly skilled with leather and linen, giving an authenticity and realism to the high fantasy characters that inspire Thomas’ work. He is self-taught and in the beginning would strip the leather off old couches to recycle and has now developed into a true passion that he continues to develop his skills in.

During the show Thomas will demonstrate techniques he uses with leather to make custom belts, pouches and armour pieces and talks at 11am and 2pm at his display.

Above: Thomas as Jon Snow – Game of Thrones
Below Left: Will Turner – Pirates of the Caribbean
Below Right: Huntsman

11am Thomas will discuss how he approaches a costume when he begins a new character, how he handles unique considerations that come with a fantasy costume and how this can be applied to any costume project.

2pm Want to start a costume, but don’t know where to start? Thomas will start a costume piece and discuss his approach and techniques in practice.