If you require onsite support please call one of our friendly support personnel


Event Marketing Coordinator Kara Stead.
P: 02 9452 7546
F: 02 9975 3707
E: Kara.Stead@expertiseevents.com.au


Senior Event Coordinator Heather Ward.
P: 02 9452 7592
F: 02 9975 3707
E: Heather Ward@expertiseevents.com.au



Event Help Desk

Look for a friendly Expertise Events staff member at the Event Help Desk to assist with your onsite needs. The Help Desk is usually located at the entrance to the event (consult your floor plan for an exact location).

When you first arrive to set up, head to the Event Help Desk to collect your exhibitor badges and welcome pack.

During the event if you require any assistance, please direct your enquiries through to the Event Help Desk. Our contact number onsite from Tuesday, August 24, 2019 is 0488 139 461.

Help Desk Daily Open Times:

Tuesday, August 24: 4pm to 6pm

Wednesday, August 25: 7am to 6pm

Thursday, August 26: 7am to 5pm

Friday, August 27: 8am to 5pm

Saturday, August 28: 8am to 5pm

Sunday, August 29: 8am to 4pm


The Event Help Desk offers products to help with the set up and management of your stand including items such as velcro, packing tape and stationery. Selected first aid supplies are also available from the Help Desk.