Anita McAdam
Fashion Illustration

Anita McAdam trained at the Qld College of Art before landing a job designing belts. In tin sheds on the outskirts of Brisbane, the House of Hughes belt company had been established for 50 years using traditional techniques. Deciding to travel overseas, Anita explored Africa and Europe before landing in Chichester, UK. A small bout of local theatre costume design was enough convince her that her heart had a true love for design and the production of fashion. Anita worked for five years with local and offshore groups such as the Viyella group as a complementary design and research resource for the in-house design teams.

Harboring a desire to teach in 1991, Anita secured a senior lecture position at the Manchester Metropolitan University; staying there for 10 years. Deciding to return back to Australia, Anita settled in Sydney where she has spent the last 16 years continuing to work and teach within the industry; consulting with local industry groups and running professional development workshops for the passionate fashion geek.

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Michelle Lackenby
Bookbinding and Papercraft

Michelle Lackenby is qualified lecturer in the areas of Visual Communication, Graphic Design and Photography and has always been obsessed with pushing the boundaries of art and design within the realm of paper and bookbinding. She has over 20 years industry experience in creative fields which lead to the opening of her own business specialising in artist services, design and workshops. Michelle is the resident Paper Artist for Paperazzi Design Studio where she collaborates with other artists on installations and bringing your visions come to life.

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Nadine Sharpe
Resin Jewellery

Nadine Sharpe is a creator and wearer of contemporary polymer clay, resin and rope jewellery from Sydney’s inner west. Working in a corporate environment for more than 20 years, Nadine couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that the corporate life just wasn’t for her. With a creative need, Nadine decided to break out of the mould to do something that gives her true joy and passion.

Nadine uses a range of mediums in her creative work but the experimentation and unique qualities added to a piece when working with resin, plus a very simple process to learn, makes resin Nadine’s favorite medium. Nadine combines her corporate training experience with a passion for creating jewellery by running a variety of different workshops in collaboration with some great creative spaces in Sydney, holding a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and teaching has become a huge aspect of Nadine’s life.

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Lu & Polly
DIY Raw Skincare

With over 20 years’ experience in the natural health and cosmetics industries, Polly & Lu love making natural and organic skincare products.
They are passionate about sharing their knowledge with like-minded people who enjoy learning new things, are ready to get involved and want to marvel at their own handmade creations.
Polly & Lu are a dynamic duo who will encourage others to explore the benefits of different ingredients and support them through the process. They understand that everyone has a different skin type and will have personal preferences for a product’s skin feel and scent profile.
Both are mums to young bubs and are advocates for using the most natural ingredients possible to maintain overall health and wellbeing.

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Emilia Lorena

Emilia started knitting at a young age, progressing into different fibres such as ropes as time went on and her interests grew. Eventually ditching the knitting needles she started using just her hands. Falling in love with macramé, which started as a therapy for her when Emilia was working full time in advertising.

Finding inspiration through scenery, shapes and day to day life, Emilia teaches the craft of macramé and hosts workshops sharing her love of macramé. She has recently started using finished pieces to style events such as weddings to create beautiful ceremony settings.

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Collene Kalb
Brush Lettering

Collene is an unconventional artist, who loves to play with pens, inks, paper and tools at every opportunity. With over 40 years’ experience teaching at Tafe, WEA, Hunter Community College, throughout Australia and internationally. Collene now teaches at her studio in Warners Bay, painting, fabric art, photography, lettering, bookbinding, restoration work and more. She was the director of the 1st Calligraphy Conference held in Australia, organizing many international artists and has been published in Paper Arts magazine and international.

“I love experimenting, as calligraphy can be used on anything and everything, it is fun to work out the how can it be done.”

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Marguerite Tierney

Marguerite Tierney is a Newcastle-based artist with a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts and a Diploma of Fine Arts from both Sydney and Melbourne Universities. In 2014, Toyota Arts named Marguerite as one of Australia’s top 50 emerging artists, and later that year she went on to win Scribble Slam in Brisbane. Marguerite’s publications, mentions and reviews include Inside Street Art by Thames and Hudson publishing, The Girl Who Discovered Her Talent in a Cloak Room by Maitland Mercury and Inside View with Peter Lamont.

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