Sky Carter is a self-taught Sydney based fibre and textile artist who has spent most of her life experimenting, exploring and dabbling with various creative mediums. She found her passion in free-form weaving which she now pursues full-time at her studio at Inner West Studios in Tempe NSW.

Sky shares her love of weaving with others through workshops, where she teaches her weaving style; an expressive, free and intuitive way of weaving while respecting technical weaving principles. Sky has exhibited her works at art fairs, as well as in group and solo art shows. She has exhibited installation works in Chicago and Sydney.

Having completed design studies with a major in colour she is continually developing and evolving her skills.

As a self-taught weaver Sky developed her own loom and weaving tools based on her style of weaving using bamboo, a material that is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

“After teaching myself to weave using a makeshift cardboard loom I looked for a board loom and found a gap in the market so, naturally, I had to design and make my own. For me it’s a preferable loom to use for small and medium sized works, more ergonomic and great for teaching with.”

Sky also says the complementary weaving tools were just a natural flow on from the loom design. Sky is excited to announce she will be launching new weaving tools and accessories to her weaving tool range at the Newcastle Stitches & Craft show.


Join Sky on her sumptuous textile laden stand throughout the day as she demonstrates the secrets of her studio methods and techniques including her free form and intuitive interpretation of weaving and the various looms she works on. Sky will share her story of how she became a full-time artist and answer any questions you have.

Daily Workshop

1pm Join Sky in a free-form weaving workshop and learn how to create and complete your very own woven wall hanging. Sky teaches using her own personally designed weaving loom and tools and provides an array of carefully chosen and curated materials.

In this workshop Sky will help you unleash your inner weaver and show you traditional as well as innovative techniques to create a fabulous woven masterpiece. You will have the option of purchasing the loom and weaving tools after your workshop at a discounted workshop price.

Duration: 2hrs

Skill level: All levels welcome

Class Cost: $80*

Workshop includes: weaving materials, weaving loom and tool for use during class

Click HERE to pre-book or book your on stand with Sky. Limited spaces available and may fill.

*Open to visitors of the Stiches & Craft show. An entry ticket must be purchased separately.