If you have a craving for gorgeous looking sweets you have come to the right place. Head over to Stand B11 and meet Julia Day from Miss Biscuit to discover the art of royal icing. These beautiful decorated cookies will inspire you make your own delicious biscuits and impress party goers, from baby showers and birthdays to Easter and Christmas. These intricately hand designed biscuits are almost too pretty to eat! Julia will be conducting three amazing free demonstrations daily. Be at the Sweet Ideas area of the show at 11am, 1pm and 2.30pm daily for your chance to see her work in action!


Julia Day started Miss Biscuit in 2012 after discovering royal iced decorated cookies on Pinterest. She very quickly discovered a whole new world and became completely hooked on piping! With the full support of her family, Julia took the plunge and gave up her speech pathology career of 20 years to focus full time on Miss Biscuit and hasn’t looked back. She now has over 70k followers on Facebook and Instagram and she teaches decorating classes Australia wide and internationally. In May 2016, Julia opened a specialist cookie decorating shop in Seddon, Melbourne running cookie and cake decorating classes and selling unique decorating tools.