Are your brown paper packages tied up to look amazing under the tree?

Are your bows beautiful and your toppers top notch?

Enter the Gift Wrap Challenge and show your skills in a timed on-the-spot challenge at the show. There’ll be three sessions a day in the Christmas Wrap area, at 11.30am, 12.30pm and 1.30pm.

How it works:

1. Enter at the Help Desk when you arrive. You could WIN a great prize or just get to show off your quick-thinking talent!

2. Go to the Challenge area five minutes before the start time. All entrants will each be given a mystery box of supplies

3. You will have a few minutes to create your gorgeously wrapped gift using the ingredients in the box.

The winner will walk away with a Bow Genius from I’m A Craftaholic,
Stand A06, worth $65!