Shibori: Dyeing with Indigo • 10.30am to 12.30pm

Are you into Shibori?

Shibori is a traditional tie-dyeing technique used in Japan which dates back to the 8th century. It involves a range of folding, stitching, binding, twisting and compressing of cloth to result in varying resist patterns. Indigo has traditionally been used for shibori, and is extracted from the indigofera plant. The leaves have been used around the world for centuries in order to dye fibres a range of rich, deep blues. This studio class will introduce you to a few of the many beautiful shibori techniques available and you will take home your own hand-dyed scarf! If you have something at home you’d like to dye indigo then feel free to bring along one to three additional items!

Workshop includes: A silk or cotton scarf to dye, all folding/binding materials, a fresh indigo vat to share with the group, and take home instructions.

Skill level: All levels

Students bring: Apron or clothes if you don’t mind getting dye splashed on them; one to three additional fabric items you might like to dye. Fabric must be a natural fibre like cotton, silk, linen, wool, rayon, bamboo or hemp. Please do not bring large items as the vat is shared with all students.

Class cost: $65*

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Macramé Wall Hangings • 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Have you ever wanted to make your own macramé masterpiece to hang in your home? Get hands-on with fibre art specialist Kathie Overeem and make your own beautiful macramé wall hanging. Kathie loves to let students create and express themselves freely and enjoys seeing people’s individuality come through in their work. Use cotton rope to learn some of the classic knots of macramé and be supported as you design and make your own individual macramé wall hanging to keep, plus you will go away with new skills to make your own at home.

Workshop includes: 100% twisted cotton rope, oak wooden dowel to support your work, and stands and hooks.

Skill level: All levels

Students bring: Just yourself!

Class cost: $65*

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Modern Brush Lettering • 9.30am to 12.30pm

Learn the art of modern brush lettering with Rosalie Hart. In this beginners’ class, you’ll start by learning all of the foundational strokes in modern lettering, then use them to form letters and words. You’ll learn how to hold your brush pen, understand pressure and pen angles and be able to self-critique so you can continue your practice at home. By the end of the class you’ll be able to combine your new knowledge to create a quote in your new, beautiful modern lettering hand.

Workshop includes: A 12-page workbook to take home plus guidelines and two brush pens.

Skill level: This is a course mostly for beginners or those wanting to improve their technique. No experience is necessary.

Students bring: Nothing as all materials will be supplied.

Class cost: $95*

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Fauxligraphy • 2pm to 4pm

Get a taste of modern calligraphy with Rosalie Hart by creating a lettered script using your own handwriting! Learn the fundamentals of calligraphy and how to use those techniques to create a modern calligraphy style. You’ll then make a gift tag, a gift card including floral wreath and a short quote (if time permits), using simple pencils, lining pens and craft pens.

Workshop includes: A class kit with all materials you need provided, including pens, pencils and supplies. You’ll take home your new alphabet exemplar, gift card, gift tag, quote and worksheets.

Skill level: This is a fun introductory class with no experience required.

Students bring:Just yourself!

Class cost: $55*

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*Show entry ticket must be bought separately