Sew Fast Like a Ninja!


Join Dai the Patchwork Ninja in fun, free 30 minute demonstrations at Patchwork Mariko Japan, Stand B03. Classes run daily.

10am & 4pm: Master Patchwork Ninja Sewing Tool Kit – sew fast like Ninja! Do you feel frustrated because it takes too long to finish a project? See our Patchwork Ninja Sewing Tools from Japan. Learn how Ninja Sewing tools can halve your sewing time. Watch and learn jam packed, cutting edge sewing tips from Japanese sewing masters!


11am: Magical Ninja buttons and Double Opening Sashiko Wallet. How are Ninja buttons different? You can attach them without pliers – all you need to do is just fingerpress and click… it’s done. Plus, learn how to make this intricate Sashiko wallet, step-by-step.


12noon: Stained glass quilting with bias tape! See how to stitch a stained-glass quilt easily and quickly using Ninja iron-on bias tape and a twin-needle! See the whole secret step by step and there will be no room for mistakes!


1pm: Ninja Buckram Tapes. It’s all about weaving, not sewing! Watch and learn how to weave our Ami bag! This criss-cross design just looks like a pieced bag and much easier to make than it looks! No sewing required, just fuse and weave it! Have fun with different fabric prints too.


2pm: It’s all about fancy Ninja
Have you seen all the Ninja sliding closure and spring clips and closures for bags and pouches? They’re unique, versatile and there are many ways to use them. This session is full of Christmas gift ideas too.


3pm: ‘No Mistake’ Foundation Piecing with Ninja see-through Washi paper! Is your block piecing stressful? See this cutting-edge foundation-piecing technique using Ninja see-through Washi paper. It’s easy to use and different to regular foundation paper – ideal for small projects such as mini kimonos and large projects too.



Make Your Own Beads


Join Gail at My Little Bead Shop, Stand A06, for one or two 30-minute FREE Pop-up workshops to learn how to make and embellish your own polymer beads, and how to create unique embroidered pendants. Workshops run daily.

9.30am: Polymer Bead Basics – part 1: Learn the basics of creating your own polymer clay beads and see how to use them to make unique pieces of jewellery, buttons and scrapbooking pieces.

10.30am & 1.30pm:
Learn how to
create your own
unique embroidered
clay pendants.

12noon: Polymer Bead Basics – part 2. Learn the secrets of embellishing your handmade clay beads with the most amazing patterns, shapes, designs and finishing techniques.

2.30pm: Polymer Bead Basics– parts 1 & 2. Learn the basics of creating your own polymer clay beads and see how to use them to make unique pieces of jewellery, buttons and scrapbooking pieces. Plus pick up the secrets of embellishing your handmade clay beadswith the most amazing patterns, shapes, designs and finishing techniques.




Pauline’s VIP Quilt Room


Join Pauline Rogers in the quilt room and learn her secrets – she has some very exciting ideas and techniques. Pauline’s secrets will get you on the road to success. In each of her classes she will teach her secret techniques that will be invaluable in making difficult tasks easy.


10am: Secrets to Mastering Free-Motion Quilting.

Unlock the freedom of being able to teach yourself how to free-motion quilt on your domestic sewing machine.



11am: Essential Secrets for Quilt-As-You-Go

Learn how to make stunning quilts using some of Pauline’s essential secrets, add some amazing pizzazz to your quilts. Why not quilt before you appliqué…who said you should quilt last? Learn to transform any sashed quilts into quilt-as-you-go – anyone can quilt a block!

Do you struggle quilting your full size quilts on a domestic machine? Come and learn Pauline’s secrets to success.



12noon: Top Secrets to Accurate Patchwork

Have you ever made patchwork blocks that don’t turn out to be the right size? Pauline will explain the most common problems and how to avoid them, and why it’s not your fault if your points don’t meet! This class will have you ready to make some exciting accurate blocks with no effort.



1pm: Repurposing Unquilted Quilt Tops

Finding a very simple, stunningly effective way to finish all your unquilted quilt tops with ease using your domestic sewing machine. Turn those ugly ducklings into beautiful swans!



2pm: How to Make Fast,ninja-12
Easy, Stunning Bias

Ever tried to make bias and have problems getting it to lay flat around the tight inner curves?

Pauline will teach you her secret and show why bias has never been so easy! A whole new twist on stained glass will also be shown, along with some great free-motion quilting ideas.