We welcome Jane Postle, a talented shibori artist and teacher who will share a display of her work and teach classes in this enchanting art form. Typically, shibori is a way of embellishing fabric by manipulating it into three-dimensional form by bunching, twisting or tying before dyeing with indigo.

A word from Jane:

“SHIBORI is a Japanese word meaning ‘wring, squeeze and press’.
Shibori techniques are applied to fabric to create pattern and memory.

Traditional methods have been passed down through generations of Japanese artisans, and new and innovative techniques have been devised to accommodate modern tastes and new fibres. It is a dynamic art and a refreshing authentic counterbalance to mass produced textiles.

I have been studying these techniques for more than ten years and have attended workshops with shibori masters in Japan, England, China and America. I have also attended numerous workshops with talented Australian shibori artists, sharing and learning from each other.

As I am a qualified primary school teacher I am also interested in the ‘art of teaching’. There are often huge gaps between the artist and their ability to impart knowledge. After many years of putting pieces together I have developed a unique program of learning that teaches the fundamentals of shibori in a thorough and sequential order. The techniques are taught in increasing order of difficulty so that a beginner, those who have dabbled and those wishing to extend their knowledge are empowered to embark on their own projects with understanding and confidence. I always use an indigo vat for my classes. It is a traditional dye and often described as ‘the king of colours and the colour of kings’.

Whilst I love creating, exploring and dyeing with indigo, my real skill is in the teaching and sharing of this beautiful craft.”


At intocraft LIVE, in Brisbane, enjoy an inspiring display of shibori textiles by Jane and join her in a hands-on class. To learn more click HERE book your class place contact Indigo Niche by email at